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           Freedman Law Firm

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     Practice Areas: 

*     Business litigation and transactions 
*     Personal injury and property damage
*     Real estate and construction 
*     Risk management - insurance coverage
*     Litigation management 


*   Licensed in California and Washington State
*   33 years legal and 10 years business experience
*   Personal and responsive representation
*  Analytical & creative strategies  
*  Fast resolutions - no hesitation to litigate
*  Helping clients grow wealth and reduce risk
                      Robert M. Freedman, Esq.                                                                  


Freedman Law Firm, P.L.C

468 North Camden Drive, Second Floor

Beverly Hills, CA. 90210

Tel:   (818) 912-6735

Fax:  (310) 601-3300

Robert Freedman     Robert@RMF.LAW

Cathy Zelinka           Cathy@RMF.LAW

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